• Happy feet: How Millwoods is delivering shoes with a perfect fit

    As a mum with two kids, I know just how painful it can be to buy shoes for your little ones. Unless you’re happy to have your kids parade in sneakers, thongs or crocs day-in-day-out, the options can be limited. So, to say I was delighted to discover Millwoods shoes online, is no underestimation. Cec Busby

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  • With most preschools and day care centers requiring covered toe shoes for safety, finding something in summer that fits all of the above is almost impossible.  And that’s just for the boys!  Girls summer shoes in stores are all glitter and plastic, without any support, coverage or comfort.

    That’s why we developed our Millwoods loafers. They are the perfect blend of a sun-smart shoe that covers the toes, made from soft breathable leather with a play-proof style kids and parents love.

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  • You’ve got the drink bottles and schoolbags ready.  Stocked up on play-proof clothes and sunscreen.  The only thing left is to find that elusive pair of shoes for kinder that are play-proof, sturdy, and won’t get wrecked in the first week of school.  Most importantly, with all the other expenses (and your credit card still groaning from Christmas), they need to be good value and not break the bank. View Post
  • The best kids summer fashion matches with Millwoods shoes

    Summer holidays are here, and that means lazy days, beach getaways, and summer weddings.  

    This season, is all about getting back to nature with deep olive greens, chocolate browns, and buttermilk yellows. The Australian scenery inspires beautiful shades of auburn red, sage green and powder blues too.

    Best of all, we love how all the colours works so well with the Millwoods colour range, no matter which colour you own.  Mix and match for a neutral look, or let them stand out as a spot of colour.

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  • One mum, one great idea – How Millwoods found a niche in producing children’s shoes (Australia Post Feature)

    Millwoods sell children’s shoes with a difference. Not only are they good for growing feet, they’re stylish, day-care proof – and kids love wearing them. This two-year-old ecommerce business was founded by mother of three Jane Robertson, after she couldn’t find any nice, affordable shoes for her own children. Read our story as featured by Australia Post.

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  • One mums search for the ultimate stylish kids shoe led to creating her own brand

    One of the most common compliments we get back from our happy customers is that our shoes are so versatile and easy to style.  No more buying four or five pairs of shoes to match different outfits and activities – one pair of shoes can see them from weddings, parties, playdates, rough and tumble to tea parties.  As our shoes are built to last, they stay looking great and all they need is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth if they do get muddy. View Post
  • Loafers – The perfect all year round shoes for kids

    Lucy from the Baby Berry Collective, recently approached Millwoods about our kids shoes. We were stoked to hear from Lucy. She has created an online directory where mums can find great places to shop for their kids and also for themselves (because we need treats too!).She has also curated a fabulous set of tips and tricks on all things parenting and kids related, no more trawling the net. Have a read of what Lucy has to say about our kids shoes.

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  • The Style Doctor - Stylish Shoes for Kids

    Kash O'Hara of The Style Doctor a stylist, influencer and presenter road tested Millwoods Shoes with her children. Kash recounts her first hand experience of Millwoods Shoes with her son Max and daughter Charlotte. Find out how these kids put Millwoods to the test and what they thought of our leather loafers for kids. View Post