Happy feet: How Millwoods is delivering shoes with a perfect fit

We recently sat down with Cec Busby from Kochie's Business Builders about starting Millwoods and the important part that Australia Post plays in the process.....

Cec Busby writes:

As a mum with two kids, I know just how painful it can be to buy shoes for your little ones. Unless you’re happy to have your kids parade in sneakers, thongs or crocs day-in-day-out, the options can be limited. So, to say I was delighted to discover Millwoods shoes online, is no underestimation.

Founded by mother of three, Jane Robertson, from her family home just outside Coolamon, Millwoods is an online shoe store that sells fabulous leather loafers that not only look great but feel fantastic on your children’s feet. Stylish, tough and kid-proof, Robertson’s shoes have proved a hit with parents all over Australia.

Robertson tells Kochie’s Business Builders Millwoods was born of her frustration at being unable to find hardwearing stylish yet comfy shoes for her eldest son James.

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