How to choose leather shoes for starting school

All our best shopping hints to find the perfect pair of summer school shoes

You’ve got the drink bottles and schoolbags ready.  Stocked up on play-proof clothes and sunscreen.  The only thing left is to find that elusive pair of shoes for kinder that are play-proof, sturdy, and won’t get wrecked in the first week of school.  Most importantly, with all the other expenses (and your credit card still groaning from Christmas), they need to be good value and not break the bank.

Durable, affordable kids leather school shoes – is there a perfect pair out there?

If you’re new to Kinder (or preschool/Prep, depending on where you live), you’ll no doubt have a million questions about what to expect. Working out what to dress your kids in can be the biggest challenge.

If your kinder or school doesn’t have a guide to suitable shoes, we’ve provided some tips on what to look for to make sure you’re investing in a great pair of shoes.

The golden rule of school shoes is that they should fit well and be comfortable.  Something that will not only protect their feet while playing and learning but will be tough enough to let them play freely. As their feet are still developing, the shoes should be wide enough to allow for toes to splay naturally, support the ankle from rolling and not fall off.

Keep feet cool in natural leather                  

Artificial fabrics can cause feet to overheat, which causes sweating, blisters and rubbing.  Not only that, when shoes are poorly fitting, they can rub as well, making them uncomfortable for the longer days of school and being on their feet for hours.

Millwoods shoes have a durable leather upper that allows the feet to breathe, without sweating.  The look great when worn with and without socks, and keep feel cool and comfortable, no matter what the weather.  Millwoods also have a durable rubber sole, that is made from non-toxic materials, and a deep grip that will let kids go from climbing to dancing with ease.

 Millwoods leather back to school shoes supportive hardwearing

Little feet need support and Millwoods provide it.   When designing Millwoods shoes, we consulted with podiatrists with a specialisation in kid’s feet.  Then we made sure our shoes included things like comfort insoles, with arch support, heel grips to hold the feet secure, and a roomy toe pocket so toes can splay naturally.  The end result is a shoe that not only has room to grow with your kids feet but can accommodate both wide and narrow feet with ease.

We also made sure to include a durable rubber sole, that is made from non-toxic materials, and a deep grip that will let kids go from climbing to dancing with ease. These soles won’t wear out, and keep their grip in even the muddiest of puddle play.

Helping kids gain independence and dressing skills.

We all look forward to the day when kids can dress themselves and tie their own shoe laces.  The first step to independence starts with easy to pull on shoes. Millwoods shoes encourage kids to start putting their own shoes on and off.   Even though they’re easy to manage, they stay on securely while playing and don’t move around the foot.

Millwoods leather back to school shoes supportive hardwearing

Parents love Millwoods for school shoes too, not only for all the reasons above, but because they look good.  They’re an all-in-one shoe that can take them from school, to play-dates, to afterschool classes, and special events with ease.  The durable tumbled leather doesn’t wear and is scratch resistant and easy to clean.  This means your Millwoods stay looking great no matter how rough and tumble your kids get with them.

Unisex leather kids shoes that are perfect for back to school dressing.           

If you’re looking for the perfect shoe for back to school – Millwoods are the answer.   They tick all the boxes with their comfortable and stable shoe base, with tough-gripping rubber soles.

You’ll love their easy to style up or down design, with the durable play-proof leather.  Kids love being able to dress themselves and feeling the comfort of great fitting shoes.  Our uni-sex designs means both girls and boys will love them, and you’ll have one less tantrum in the mornings.

navy and red leather loafers back to school kinder shoes for kids


What are your school shoe challenges?

We’d love to know what you find challenging about buying school shoes online – leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you if we can help.