How to keep your kid’s feet safe this summer

We’ve sorted the best leather shoes for summer for boys and girls

Millwoods unisex leather shoes comfort toddlers summer

Finding the perfect kids shoe is a tough mission.  As a parent, you’re charged with finding shoes that are:

  • Sturdy enough to play in
  • Fun enough for kids to want to wear
  • Sun smart
  • Not too hot in summer
  • Stay on their feet and
  • Look good

With most preschools requiring covered toe shoes for safety, finding something in summer that fits all of the above is almost impossible. And that’s just for the boys!  Girls summer shoes in stores are all glitter and plastic, without any support, coverage or comfort.

That’s why we developed our Millwoods loafers.  They are the perfect blend of a sun-smart shoe that covers the toes, made from soft breathable leather with a play-proof style kids and parents love. 

Sunsmart goes all the way to the toes

Kids need shoes that are sunsmart – covering as much of their skin as possible, but our hot summers mean they overheat in runners and most covered shoes.  Leather is perfect, because it is breathable and not sweaty in summer.  Many of the current options on the market are a mixture of synthetic leathers, with painted surfaces that wear easily, leaving them looking worn quickly, and plastics that sweat, causing blisters and smell. 

Mission Impossible:  Find girls shoes that look good and can handle playtime!

Finding play-proof shoes is next to mission impossible – and Australian summers are notoriously danger zones for delicate feet (even as adults!).  As much as our kids are protected with soft landings and plastic equipment, there’s still tanbark, hot metal, and concrete that can burn easily.    As we get out and about more in summer – curious explorers are more likely to come in contact with broken glass, sharp rocks and shells on the beach and in parks too.

Here at Millwoods, we made it our mission to create a breathable, high-quality, affordable shoe that is perfect for Australian summers.  Our shoes have a tough rubber gum sole that protects the feet while playing, has a tough grip and keeps their feet safe.

Millwoods summer leather cool kids shoes

Imagine a gender-neutral shoe that kids love as much as parents!

Ahh, the tantrums we’ve had over which shoes to wear.  Undoubtedly as you’re running out the door, late to an event, having battled to get dressed for an hour. 

And you’ve ended up letting them wear their old favourites, just to avoid the drama and get going.  That’s why we made Millwoods shoes in a style that can be worn every single day with ease, but still look stylish enough for weddings, parties and special events. 

Boys’ shoes are easy – they get runners and boots, and study sandals that could they could hike mountains in – but the get hot, and wear easily.  And although no one is paying attention to what your kids wear, you don’t really want your little man making a fashion statement rocking up in his gumboots at your sister’s wedding because he refuses to wear anything else. 

And then there’s the girls’ shoes.  It’s so tempting to cross over to the boys’ section and get a pair of comfy sandals that I know my girls could run and play in.  Sadly, they won’t have a bar of it, and have declared that the prettier and flimsier the better.   I’ve searched high and low for a sturdy girls’ shoe that looks good, is comfortable and can be dressed up.  And then had to go and buy a second (or third!) pair just for childcare and playing.    Even worse than the flimsy glitter fests of plastic currently available are those with high heels.  No doubt inspired by the next generation of YouTube stars creating their own spin-off shoe lines, more and more girls shoes are coming with mini heels (and slippery soles!).  Of course, the kids love them, want them, wear them for five minutes and declare they aren’t comfortable, and you’re left with another pair of wasted shoes.   Little girls don’t need high heels, they want to run and play with ease. 

Millwoods are proud of our comfortable unisex styling that makes them a breeze to dress up or down and let your little ladies (and gentlemen) run and play and climb trees with ease.

Millwoods comfort stylish leather kids shoes school

Little feet need extra support as they grow

Summer shoes means thongs for most of us.  And they are great for the beach and hotter weather.  But thongs (flip flops) and sandals aren’t great for developing young feet.  Wearing them for long periods of time can lead to foot injuries from overstretched muscles, clenched toes and lack of support.   Millwoods shoes were designed in consultation with podiatrists who specialise in growing feet, and we’ve made sure to include the comfort, all round support that stays on all day.   Our podiatrist approved design helps support little feet as they grow and play.

Even thongs with a heel strap can’t provide the support, motion control and cushioning that kids need for playing.  Even worse, they are often ill fitting, and cause the foot muscles to over-contract to keep them on (look for clenched toes).

Millwoods leather kids shoes grip covered toesMillwoods leather shoes comfort heel grip stable Summer

All Millwoods shoes have comfort heel grips to ensure they stay snug on the foot, and thick rubber grips for long lasting wear and stability on rough surfaces.

Millwoods shoes are designed for the fussiest of kids and parents.

Every aspect of Millwoods shoes have been designed with busy parents in mind firstly – who has the time and money to keep buying shoes that don’t get worn? Or fight endless shoe battles?   We wanted a shoe that would put parents’ minds at ease, knowing they were getting a shoe that would be lightweight and breathable, sturdy enough to play, hardwearing to stay looking good, and provide protection from the summer dangers (and mud puddles!).  With our easy to wear range of neutral colours, unisex styling and comfort that kids love, we think they are the perfect kids shoe!

We’ve solved the sizing struggles with online shopping

Looking for the perfect fit for your Millwoods Shoes?  Our ingenious fit guide is simple to use and ensures the perfect fit every time – get yours here