One mums search for the ultimate stylish kids shoe led to creating her own brand

Millwoods shoes have created the perfect leather loafer – combining comfort and style.

If I were to add up the amount of money I’ve wasted on kids shoes in my few years as a parent, I could probably afford a holiday somewhere nice (really nice!).  The shoes I’ve bought on sale that never got worn because they were the wrong size for the season, the fancy expensive ones that only got worn once then broke, the ‘nice’ shoes for that special occasion that never got worn again.  And of course, all the shoes I love, but my kids rejected! 

Millwoods was born out of my frustration in finding decent stylish shoes that were comfortable, would get worn more than once and would stay looking nice even after being treated to my kids rough love.  All the shoes on the market were either incredibly expensive (with no promises of comfort, quality or kid approval!) or poorly made. 

And so my journey to create leather shoes that would stay on, look great, feel comfortable, and be versatile enough to dress up or down.  Not a big ask at all!

A busy mums passion for quality, regional business and style

I’m Jane, the owner of Millwoods shoes.  Mother of three active children, country girl and passionate about the development of regional businesses and good chocolate.  When life decided to throw the opportunity to develop my own shoe business at me, no one could be more surprised than me.   Never one to do things halfheartedly, if I was going to do this, I wanted to make sure my brand stood for all the things I value most – high quality, comfort, value for money, supporting other Australian businesses wherever possible, and kid friendly.


Passion and commitment to comfort and style

Millwoods shoes are made to the highest quality standards, and each and every pair of shoes is checked to make sure it’s safe for little feet.  This means the leather is tumble-washed to make sure there are no chemicals left on after colouring, each pair of shoes is checked individually for loose threads, glue marks, and any faults.  We’ve even made sure that our hardwearing – super grip rubber soles are non-toxic so if your little one does accidently take a bite (it does happen!) or your beloved pet takes a liking to them, at least they’re safe.

The comfort and fit of Millwoods shoes is no accident.  We consulted with expert podiatrists to make sure our shoes would support your children’s growing feet as they set out on their daily adventures. By incorporating smart features like the super grip sole, hard wearing leather, and smooth secure stitching, we make sure every pair is built to last much longer than it will fit.  We trialed hundreds of designs to make sure that each pair is easy to put on but won’t fall off.  Each pair has soft leather lining, with a comfort arch support, non-slip heel grip to keep them on securely and molds to the foot for perfect support every wear. 

Supporting regional Australian businesses

Coming from regional New South Wales, I have seen the re-invigoration of Australian industries, and supporting other Australian businesses is one of my passions.  We practice what we preach, and source everything we can within 200kms of our home, including the packaging, designs, warehousing, distribution, logistics, website, photography, marketing and public relations.  Because of this, we know and work closely with the people who help our business and they are all as invested in the success of Millwoods as we are.

One of the most common complaints of regional Australians is how hard it is to access quality products – both online and in local stores.  Millwoods are committed to making access to our shoes as easy as possible, with capped price shipping, an easy to use and very accurate sizing chart and easy to navigate shopping site.  We are also working closely with speciality stores in regional areas, markets, and pop-up stores – because as good as online shopping is, there is nothing like holding them, trying them on and seeing the quality for yourself.

One pair of shoes for every occasion

One of the most common compliments we get back from our happy customers is that our shoes are so versatile and easy to style.  No more buying four or five pairs of shoes to match different outfits and activities – one pair of shoes can see them from weddings, parties, playdates, rough and tumble to tea parties.  As our shoes are built to last, they stay looking great and all they need is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth if they do get muddy.

Quality leather kids shoes that kids will love to wear

As a busy mum, it was my dream to find the best quality, well priced shoe that both my kids and I would love.  And this dream led to the creation of the Millwoods brand.  Embracing the values of timeless quality, style, comfort and quality, as well as working with other Australian businesses to deliver them to your door with ease make Millwoods a standout selection for your next shoe purchase.   As we continue to grow, we’ll be adding more colours to our range, and branching out into adult shoes too, so everyone can experience the Millwoods comfort and quality.

Millwoods are leading the way with their quality brand of leather loafers for children.  Our attention to detail, quality and easy ways to style them up or down mean you’ll have the most versatile shoe for your kids as they grow.  



Want to know more?

We’ve made ordering your Millwoods shoes easy with our accurate fit guide and capped shipping prices.  Check out our colour range in sizes for 2 – 8 year olds at

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