Then and Now (and a few thousand shoes in-between)

A behind the scenes look at Millwoods Shoes…

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately (as I am sure everyone has in this current climate) and the year that has been 2020 has really opened me up to acknowledging just how much growth this little shoe business of mine has had.

This past weekend one of our stockists (yes plural! There are quite a few right now) took a candid snap of myself, my husband and our three children dropping off their most recent shoe purchase, yes there is nothing unusual about this. However, it led me to think about the last family photo we had taken.

This particular photo was taken when my youngest daughter Willa was only a few months old, Millwoods had also just been born, and at this stage, I really was just winging it! I had ordered over 3000 pairs of shoes and recalled saying to my husband "Am I crazy?" I am sure if he could go back I time and say  Yes, that he might just wish he had.

Never the less I persisted and persisted, to be honest at times I was damm right stubborn, but I never stopped believing that the world needed what I had to offer and trust me it was hard at times! I had more doors slammed in my face, late nights and moments of 'right I'm done.' than I care to think about. ALL of it though led me to where we are now, and that is focusing on our women's range. We sell out virtually every collection, and I am so proud of the hard work that went on in between these images being taken.

My reason for wanting to share this with you all is to let you know that it may seem like something is taking a little while and you may create an ideal in your head of when it has to happen but the moments in between are what create the magic!

I want to share as much behind the scenes as I can with you on the day to day running of a home-based, bush based business, so please feel free to tell me what you would like to know?

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J xx