Women's Snoafers

Loafer + Sneaker = Perfection

Discover style, practicality & comfort with our brilliant women’s snoafers

What do you get when you combine a stylish loafer with a comfy sneaker? You get perfection in the form of a snoafer. Beautifully crafted and fully road tested, these shoes are the real deal. They look amazing, feel great and go with anything, fitting in perfectly with real life.

Practical and versatile, our women’s snoafers look at home on the school run, lunching with friends, grabbing groceries or heading out on outdoor adventures. Even better, they match pretty much any outfit, looking equally amazing with jeans, shorts, skirts and summer dresses. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Millwoods’ brilliant women’s snoafers.

So, which women’s snoafer will it be?

A bewitching combination of style, practicality and supreme comfort, trust us, it might be a tough ask to stop at only one pair!

Why choose Millwoods?




You want shoes that last and we deliver by road testing our leathers, stitching, glues, and gum soles to ensure our shoes last years, rather than just a season.



Designed in consultation with a podiatrist, our
shoes are made for your busy life, using soft materials & inbuilt support to deliver all-day comfort.



Destined to become a wardrobe staple, our shoes ooze a classic and timeless style that accentuates every outfit and gives you endless versatility.



We pride ourselves on our high level of service and authenticity as a bush-based business. We’re here to support you now and in the future.

Buy From The Bush

Millwoods is a family run business, located near Coolamon NSW. We proudly support and work closely with many other regional businesses.

Welcome to your new wardrobe staple!

Now you’ve discovered our practical and versatile women’s flats (AKA snoafers), can you honestly imagine your life without them? If you have a burning desire to know more, head over to our FAQs or contact us to get all the info you need.