Why a pointed flat is flattering

Why a pointed toe shoe is flattering

For your shoes to give your outfit a touch of sophistication, a pointed toe is generally more flattering than a round toe. What matters even more is your comfort, especially when you’re running errands or on your feet most of the day. No one wants blisters and sore feet but looking and feeling great also matters! If you think “Jane, you’ve got a point,” let’s talk some more about the beauty and versatility of stylish, well-made, and super comfortable pointed flats and explain how you can wear them for a winning look.

The best thing about pointed flats, I think, is that you get the comfort of a flat coupled with the style of a pump. Heels get a lot of love from us girls because they make our calves look slimmer and our legs look longer, but not many women can walk in heels all day without at least some discomfort. It’s also fair to say that after 2+ years in slippers and sneakers, many of us are struggling with wearing high heels again anyway.

The good news is that a well-fitting pair of pointed flats has similar qualities and are just as eye-catching as heels, and that’s why we’ve created a range of absolute stunners. I’m sure we have a style you’ll love here at Millwoods, and that each pair is durable and ultra-comfortable to wear is a given. We’ve designed them that way!

It's what catches the eye

What makes pointed flats so special is that the tapering point creates the illusion that your lower half is longer, slimmer, and therefor instantly sexier. Because the toe part of the shoes is narrower than shoes with rounded toes, such as ballerina flats, they visually extend the line of your legs. For that reason, pointed flats really do exude the same level of style and elegance as heels.

Just keep in mind that ankle straps, no matter how cute, visually shorten your legs, especially if you’re a little on the short side anyway. Horizontal straps make the eyes pause early when looking up, and that makes your legs appear shorter, no matter how slim and toned they are. There are ways to avoid this, by wearing leggings in the same colour for instance, but flats with ankle straps usually look much better on tall ladies.   

A pair of stylish pointed flats works with almost any outfit. They are ideal to wear to the office, and pair beautifully with a suit, wider leg pants, and most dresses. If you’re attending a formal event and want to skip the heels, no worries. You can look totally elegant and stunning with a pair of pointed flats. Choose an ankle-length gown or pants to give your legs that desired longer look, while also showing off your stylish shoes.

Elegant vibes and casual chic

Pointed flats also have the power to make a more casual outfit chic. Simple and a little polished is all you need to create a stunning put-together look. Denim on denim turns classy in an instant with a pair of pointed flats. If you pair them with boyfriend jeans and a nice comfy jumper, you’ll look super pretty. When you wear them with jeans or nice trousers, they also create a lovely base for your favourite tops and jackets.

You can even wear pointed flats with tailored or jeans shorts or short skirts and a jacket if you like. It gives the look a smart and polished edge. The only thing I’d say they’re not ideal for is loungewear, and of course it’s also better to wear some nice sneakers or snoafers when you’re going for sporty or another uber-casual outfit.  

You have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to colours and prints for your next pair of pointed flats. My personal favourites from the Millwoods collection are the zebra and leopard print Maple Mules. They’re such fun! I also love my pointed flats in light tan, as the light brown hue is incredibly versatile. It’s warm and natural and gives my different outfits a great vibe. I wear mine happily to a business meeting and just as easily when meeting up for drinks with the girls.

The perfect pair for you

Our beautiful Poplar Pointed Flats are such a best-seller because they make so many different outfits complete. Our wonderful customers love them, and we get the best feedback on their style and comfort. The Black Embossed Croc and Black & Suede Pointed Flats are true fan-favourites, as they are absolutely gorgeous and timeless, but many of our fashion forward followers also love the cobalt blue and hot pink styles, as well as our fun animal prints.

Another great option for you is a pair of our stunning Maple Mules. It’s a classic design that matches well with both work and casual wear and gives you incredible comfort. These gorgeous mules upgrade your outfit right away, whether you’re dressed up for a day out or just chilling in a white tee and your favourite jeans.

It’s easy to see that flats are a versatile type of shoe, and you can never have too many. You can wear the same pair at the office, strolling around the mall, walking in the park, or when travelling.  They are not just beautiful and versatile; they are also extremely easy to pack and store. I just want to say, how good it is that we can finally jump on a plane and go on holiday again?

As you can see, the point I’m making in this blog is that a stylish pair of Millwoods pointed flats is great for all sorts of events and occasions, and just as suitable for daily wear. We undoubtedly have a perfect pair of flats for you in our collection, and I’d love to hear what you think of them if you’ve purchased a pair.

You can contact me any time with feedback or if you have any questions. Just send an email to

J xx


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