Timeless style for modern women

Millwoods shoes are designed by Australian shoe designer Jane Robertson. Jane grew up in country NSW Australia, and married an Australian pilot and farmer – Robbo. Together they have three children, a working farm outside Wagga, NSW, and a thriving iconic shoe business. Theirs is a true family affair with Robbo working on the distribution and logistics of the business.

The inspiration for Millwoods came about through Jane’s frustration in finding a practical and versatile shoe that was Australian and didn’t cost the earth. A shoe that busy Australian women could wear in all situations – styling up and styling down. Jane is a no-nonsense kind of gal, and her vision was to create a shoe that would fit in with her busy lifestyle - cross seasons, cross occasion and survive the wear and tear of the Australian climate.

The very foundation of the Millwoods loafer is to merge style and ease. Every step in the design process considers both the establishment of a good-looking shoe, while ensuring the shoe is made for comfort and longevity. It is a shoe born out of a desire to create comfort that looks effortless and stylish; a shoe designed to talk to the Australian sensibility. Our passion for excellence paired with practicality is at the cornerstone of every shoe - what we call a ‘casual distinction.’

The Millwoods brand is inspired by the dichotomy of the Australian landscape. A land of contrasts. The practical with the beautiful. The functional with the mastery. The ease with the detail. We draw no greater inspiration than from the Australian tree. An old soul that is not moved by space and time, that has seen generations come and go, and continues to stand true and tall. The Millwoods brand cherishes the environment, working in harmony with the land. It has gone to great lengths to establish sustainable practices through every step in the life cycle of the shoe creation. 

Millwoods is the essence of Australia.