10 Tips on Styling Colourful Shoes

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I’m so in love with our new collection for Spring and Summer. It’s full of colour and uniquely designed for women just like you. That’s why I’m sure you will love our new styles as much as I do. If you’re not used to wearing colourful shoes but want to give it a try this season – (and why not as wearing colour is the ultimate mood booster) – here are my 10 tips on how to rock the style.

  1. Pair them with black and white

The easiest way to wear bright shoes is by pairing them with black, white, or a black and white outfit. It’s a burst of colour but still easy on the eyes, and a way to avoid the risk of a look that’s too overwhelming. Black and white works with pretty much every bright colour. Think a crisp white dress or an all-black suit with hot pink shoes. That’s a stunning fashion statement!

  1. Style them with your jeans

Bright coloured shoes with your favourite jeans are a match made in heaven. Jeans and flats are a comfortable combo we can always rely on, and a colourful shoe just gives it that extra pop. Distressed jeans and jeans with a lighter wash are ultra-casual, where a dark indigo or black pair adds a touch of chic. The good news is, they all pair beautifully with the slides, mules and pointed flats in our new season collection.

  1. Prints with matching colours

Another really easy way to style your coloured shoes is to pair them with a print that features that same colour. If you have a skirt, top or jacket that features some bright red or pink, it will match perfectly with a pair of shoes in that same colour. It’s fun, on-trend, and effortless, as the print will automatically bring your summertime look together.  

  1. Wear it with soft earthy tones

The best thing about an unusual shoe colour is that it can really make a neutral outfit shine. Bright pink shoes look fantastic with all greys and navy blue, and red shoes look amazing when matched with neutral or faded colours. Blending brights with pastels is stunning, and red shoes with a baby blue or soft green dress is a delicious combination.

  1. Match your accessories

Don’t forget about the finishing touches! Completing your look with a handbag, scarf, or belt that matches your shoes is a fun way to make it unique. You can also make a statement with headwear or hair accessories in the same or a complimentary colour. If your shoes are super bright, I think a handbag in a contrasting lighter tone looks best.

  1. Contrasting colours

Pairing colours can really make or break your outfit, and it’s not always easy to get it right when experimenting with new tones. You’ll find that many colours clash if you don't pair them correctly. Then again, some colour combinations are guaranteed winners. Yellow and green bring a light spring vibe, and red and blue is one of my all-time favourite combos. Pink and pale blue together is super feminine, and if you want to make a powerful fashion statement, think cobalt blue and turquoise or purple and coral.

  1. Fresh, bright and feminine

For some of us, summer’s about feeling great in light dresses, frilly skirts, and girly florals. However, wearing a dress isn’t always practical. Adding colour and fun accents is a really easy ways to add that feminine touch. Your new brightly coloured shoes will look fab with classy bottoms and nice light top. I’m sure that the stunning mules, slides and pointed flats in our new Spring/Summer collection will give you lots of inspiration. What’s best is that they are also super comfortable, as you deserve nothing less.  

  1. More of the same

Monochrome is simple, clean and beautiful! Choose a colour you love, wear it in every piece of your outfit, and really own it. Monochromatic styling requires some trialling, as you’ll need to find out what you like and feel most confident in. Head-to-toe red, pink, or any other knockout shade can be tricky but if you can find an outfit in the same colour as your shoes, why not make it fun and bold?  

  1. A shade or two less

Styling your bright shoes with a muted version of the same colour is another take on monochrome, and it’s a chic and simple way to complete your look. If your outfit has a main colour in it, your shoes can be any shade of that colour. A pale pink for instance will soften the boldness of your hot pink flats and compliments them beautifully. 

  1. Go all out with a full colour crush

This summer is going to be a bright one! If you opt for a dopamine-boosting look that makes you and everyone around you happy, you’re totally on-trend. After the year we’ve had, it’s time to dress for the moment and bring some joy back into your wardrobe. Stripes, polka dots, checkers, leopard print, gingham, graphic tees, and so much more. From new to vintage, have fun and mix and match as you please. The most important thing is that you feel fantastic wearing it.

Be the sunshine this season

If you choose to match colours against all conventional rules, go for it.  Go right ahead and put your own signature on fashion! I’ve just got one more word of advice. Too much of anything will make things confusing. It’s best not to mix too many different colours at the same time. Three to four is fine, but five or six is too much.

Stay conscious about the patterns and fabrics you choose, too. It can really make or break the overall impression of your outfit. In saying that, our gorgeous leopard colourway matches almost anything in your wardrobe. Let’s start from the feet up to give you a real boost this season. I’m sure you’ll find something to love for seasons to come in our beautiful new collection.   

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