Why new shoes boost your mood

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There's a saying that Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. It’s also been said that great shoes will take you great places. I know, it’s easy for me to say as I’m the ultimate footwear enthusiast and the owner of a shoe brand, but don’t you agree that new shoes make you happy?

Songwriters know this, Amy Winehouse, Paolo Nutini, Joe Jackson and Elvis all sang songs about footwear. There’s no denying that new shoes can bring happiness, positivity, and a spring in your step. But why? I think there’s a simple answer.

Most women love to treat themselves. Compared to other luxury goods such as jewellery, cars or couture, shoes are a relatively affordable way to do that. Interestingly, most women have way more shoes than they really need.

Based on a variety of studies conducted over the years, women on average own between 17 to 27 pairs of shoes. They buy 4 new pairs every year. Some pairs are for work, others for play, and then there’s the fashion perspective. Can you relate?

Aussie women have shoes for just about everything – thongs for walks on the beach, heels to go out partying in, gumboots for the farm, stylish flats for work, sneakers for everyday life, and shoes that go with different outfits.

Compared to some celebrities’ massive shoe wardrobes, having 20 pairs in your wardrobe sounds totally reasonable. Celine Dion reportedly owns more than 3,000 and even don’t get me started on the Kardashians.

Fun fact: a woman named Darlene Flynn from Menifee in California had a collection of more than 16,000 shoes and shoe-related items. This was verified by Guinness World Records in 2006. She was nicknamed the "Queen of Sole".  

So, is it possible that the real reason behind the joy of buying new shoes has its roots in psychology? I found these key reasons why women love to buy new shoes:  

  1. You shop for shoes to cheer yourself up

Okay, sometimes we confuse our needs with wants but hey, it’s called retail therapy for a reason! It’s a fact we feel happier and more confident when wearing something new. The feeling of wearing brand new shoes outweighs wearing a pair that’s two years old, especially if they are super comfortable from the moment you put them on.

  1. You see your shoes as the most important part of your look

Great shoes complete a great outfit. Shoes to clothing are what soul is to the body. Like clothes, they are a way to express your personal style. No matter how much money you spend on a designer outfit, it won’t look right until you have an awesome pair of shoes to match. Beautiful shoes can elevate your look in seconds.

  1. You want comfort and often change your shoes

As women, I think we often wear shoes that don’t fit us properly just because they look so good. If your busy day requires you to frequently be up and down or to do a lot of running around, a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes will change your life. Luckily, every pair we stock at Millwoods is made from durable soft materials and have inbuilt support to give you all-day comfort.

  1. You want a pair of shoes to match every outfit

No matter if you prefer matchy-matchy or if you master the exceptional art of mix-and-matching, fashion stylists will tell you that there are cardinal rules of matching shoes to a dress. My own golden rule is this: don’t sacrifice comfort for style. There’s no point to wear shoes just because they look great with your outfit if you are walking like a duck. In the Millwoods collection, you’ll find the shoes that both look fantastic and feel great to wear.  

  1. Shopping online is just too easy

Buying new shoes is only a few clicks away and when you can’t actually try them on, it’s important to buy a pair that you’ll be happy with when they arrive. To prevent buying duds when shopping online, buy only from trusted websites and choose a quality brand. Here you have the guarantee that all pairs are finished with expert know-how, craftsmanship and a loving touch.

The most important piece of advice

Because our feet take such a pounding day in and day out, shopping for shoes based solely on their looks is a big mistake. Too many women choose shoes because of the colour, or an eye-catching design, then never wear them. If you don’t want achy feet, it is not enough to just shop for a brand or colour you like.

Quality shoes are made of soft leather, wherever possible, and provide your feet with sufficient room in all three dimensions: height, width and length. Here at Millwoods, we’re all about comfort and classic, timeless styles that accentuates every outfit and gives you endless versatility.

In saying that, we’re not afraid to inject a bit of fun! The leopard prints are bestsellers for good reason, and just wait and see what our popping new collection brings as soon as it launches. If you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll be the first to know!  

If you have any feedback or questions about our collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just email I’d love to hear from you.

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